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Tae Kwon Do is more than just a sport: Not only have I learned difficult kicks and forms, but my Black belt test essays have helped me gain self-confidence, learn self-motivation, and become disciplined.

June 16, at 6: As I progressed through the ranks and learned all of these prerequisites for black belt, I also learned and practiced the tenants of Tae Kwon Do. For example, I have more energy which lets me focus more in school, gave me discipline which I use to listen and respect my peers around me.

It is always hard doing what you think is right, even if it is just picking up a piece of trash in a park or sticking up for a friend, but I always try my hardest. Be courteous by being polite to others. I did face some challenges that may have gotten the best of me had it not been for the support from my family at home and my family of friends at Napa Tae Kwon Do Academy.

It is now my turn to give back, and to pay it forward by helping others the way I have been helped. I have been blessed far beyond my hopes and dreams. During the Tae Kwon Do summer camps I had a chance to practice my leadership skills.

Knowing you worked hard for a black belt makes your accomplishment so much better. I have kept an exercise schedule at home as well as in the dojang.

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I wanted to keep in mind of the 5 tenets in my head and achieve my goal of becoming a black belt. Forms are just a series of blocks and strikes against an imaginary opponent. Sometimes the strength within you is not a big fiery flame for all to see, it is just Black belt test essays tiny spark that whispers every so softly "you got this.

I wanted to be able to protect myself and the people I cared about. The purple belt was constantly morphing into the purple-stripe form; my double blocks were supposed to be out instead of in, and I had to spend many hours practicing the complex movements of each form.

When I am entering the dojang I try to leave every bad thought at the door and let it go. I kept going everyday learning Taekwondo. Accepting others has never been a problem for me. For me, a black belt is also someone that shows a strong passion for martial arts, always tries their best to make their accuracy and power better, and fix their mistakes.

Learning the history is important to really understand the art of this style of self defense. Taekwondo has taught me a lot to make my life better and more positive. I have taken a great interest in meditation.

That way future black belts will also have high standards for themselves. It is an incredible challenge to learn. Listen I have a knife in my right hand, in my other, nothing. Since I began this journey, I have gained much knowledge, but have yet to become wise. I have been to a lot of tournaments.

So one may ask, "how do you become a black belt? My family was too busy with work and paying the bills.Quotes from Children’s Essays In some of our daily classes we will suit up and put all of our knowledge to the test.” High Blue belt, age 13 “Taekwondo has left me with a feeling of accomplishment that I have never felt before.

It has also left me with a great feeling of disappointment in myself, only making me work harder than ever. Those who test for black belt are required to give a speech after their black belt test, at the black belt tea ceremony.

The essays they read are meant to give these new black belts a platform to reflect on their journey, advise future black belts, and share their thoughts.

08/09/11 Black belt test I was first interested in karate when i was two and a half years old, i was at my big brothers basketball game. I saw a poster of a group of kids wearing karate uniforms, right then and there i knew i wanted to start karate.

A black belt has to actually look like a black belt, going above and beyond the standards, always giving above % effort when able. Black belts should practice plenty, because there are always things that can be improved. Essays from Blackbelt Test Students.

First Dan Black Belt Test.

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Tae Kwon Do Essay. 8/11/ email: [email protected] When I tell people that I study Tae Kwon Do, often someone will ask if I have ever had the use what I know outside of class.

I smile and tell them that I. Essays; What It Means to Be a Blackbelt; What It Means to Be a Blackbelt. 10 October and that victory is the goal. Becoming a black belt has always been a goal of mine. The respect and honor you gain from becoming a black belt is priceless.

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I am grateful and honored that I was given the chance to test for my black belt. I received.

Black belt test essays
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